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Do you require further information on what to expect before you visit our gastroenterology clinic? Check our patient information page to find out how you can prepare for your appointment or any tests that your specialist recommends.

Here, you can also find information on what to do before and after a procedure at the clinic and what steps you need to take to prepare your bowels for a procedure. If you need to undergo any test, make sure you’re following all instructions and confirm what else needs to be done with your doctor.

If you need specific information about a related condition or disease, check out our conditions page. For more detailed information on these diseases and to understand potential treatment strategies or preventive methods for specific conditions, explore our blog.

If you are looking for dietary information, browse through our fact sheets for validated information from The Gastroenterological Society of Australia—the governing body for gastroenterology and hepatology in Australia.

You can also visit our FAQ page for more information on being treated for gastroenterological conditions.